Finding the Best Partner to Ride With

Published by Alexander Pazuchanics on
Creating fair evaluations for tendering or permitting micro-mobility operatorsIntroductionAs the micro-mobility market begins to mature, cities are recognizing that finding the right partners is an important feature of a successful... Read More

Vianova joins CoMoUK as an associate partner

Published by Camille Duvivier on
We are thrilled to announce we recently joined the CoMoUK family ! Through this collaboration our goal is to help the UK further develop its shared mobility ecosystem and support the country’ authorities into promoting a greener environm... Read More

Bonjour, from Vianova’s new Head of Policy & Partnerships!

Published by Alexander Pazuchanics on
I’d like to introduce myself- my name is Alex Pazuchanics, and I’m Vianova’s new Head of Policy & Partnerships. I’ll be working with our city partners to build solutions to meet their unique mobility management needs.I’m passionate about the fut... Read More

Product release: a Policy API Sandbox for London e-scooter tender

Published by Thibaud Febvre on
A few weeks ago, Transport for London (TfL) announced its much awaited tender competition for e-scooter trial in London, which will lead to the selection of up to 3 Operators announced in spring 2021 and running for a term of up to 12 months divided into 13 consecutive Trial Periods (TP).<... Read More